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Enkel rengjøring av ditt GROHE Blue vannsystem

GROHE anbefaler at vannsystemet ikke blir stående ubrukt over lengre tid. Dersom systemet ikke brukes på en stund bør systemet renses med minst fire liter vann ved å la vannet renne gjennom systemet. Hvis GROHE Blue-vannsystemet ikke brukes I en periode på omtrent tre uker eller lenger, må det rengjøres med en Blue Xtra-Clean rensevæske og filteret må byttes.

Hvis du har et GROHE Blue Home Connect system kan du aktivere den automatiske skyllingen via Watersystems-appen slik at systemet spyles automatisk hver 24. time.

How often do I need to clean my GROHE Blue Watersystem?

When it comes to cleaning frequency, we recommend cleaning your GROHE Blue Professional twice a year with our perfect Cleaning Duo! If you have a GROHE Blue Home, we recommend cleaning every time you change the filter! To ensure that your GROHE Blue continues to make your everyday life easier, you should clean it at least once a year!

Replacing the filter in a few easy steps:

  1. Simply unscrew the old filter
  2. Insert the GROHE cleaning cartridge (40434001)* – not needed for GROHE Blue Pure.
  3. Start the cleaning process
  4. Replace it with the new filter

* You will also need to buy a reusable GROHE Blue cleaning cartridge adapter (40694000)! It is not included in the bundle and needs to be purchased seperately here.

Renseprosess GROHE Blue Home

Renseprosess GROHE Blue Professional